15 Gorgeous Dark Landing Page Templates for Your Next Project

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Dark landing page templates

Dark layouts are becoming popular in the SaaS and startup ecosystem in 2023, and many companies are switching to them to add character to their UIs. At SLP, we have been collecting the best examples of dark UIs from around the web for years, so we thought of putting together this list of the best 15 dark landing page templates to help you quickly develop a killer dark landing page for your startup.

This list of templates is divided into coded and no-code options to cater to the needs of both designers and developers. If you want to jump immediately to the templates, you can use the quick navigation below or continue reading for more information about dark layouts.

When should I use a dark landing page?

Dark interfaces can be used for any product and there’s no reason they wouldn’t fit your specific use case. We’ve found that dark interfaces tend to work well for younger and techie startups, while white-based UIs are more appropriate for corporate and more traditional alike software.

It’s worth mentioning that for younger, we don’t mean smaller. A dark layout can scale and serve millions of users across any website or app, and Spotify is a good example of this.

What are the best practices for creating a dark landing page?

When creating a dark landing page, you should follow the same best practices of traditional white UIs. As a rule of thumb, be sure to double-check the contrast and the readability of your texts, elements, etc., and pay attention to accessibility, especially for users with eye-related problems.

If you don’t know how to check for accessibility, you can use an online contrast checker.

Do dark landing pages help increase conversions?

There is no data or statistics supporting the thesis that a dark layout helps improve conversions on a landing page, and the same can be said for a white UI, which is the most popular interface choice. Only the quality of your content can help you convert more customers, and this is a rule that applies to every business.

15 Gorgeous Dark Landing Page Templates

1. Stellar

Stellar template

Stellar is one of the latest templates developed by Cruip, a popular marketplace of Tailwind CSS templates. This template comes with a modern and eye-catching dark layout, numerous ready-to-integrate components, and professional animations comparable to those used by the bigger names in the industry.

  • Stack: Tailwind CSS, HTML, Next.js, and Vue
  • Ideal for: Modern startups, SaaS, web software

2. Open PRO

Open PRO template

Like Stellar, Open Pro is a beautiful dark landing page created by the Cruip team, developed on Tailwind CSS, and available in modern technologies like Next.js and Vue. This product offers many ready-made pages and sections, making it suitable for more demanding and mature startups that require a robust and content-rich website.

  • Stack: Tailwind CSS, HTML, Next.js, and Vue
  • Ideal for: Small and medium SaaS, startups

3. Neon

Neon template

Continuing within the Cruip family, one of the flagships of their dark Tailwind CSS landing page templates is Neon, a fresh and tech-savvy product designed for technology startups, AI, and FinTech-oriented businesses. Neon may not include an extensive range of contents, but the ones it offers are versatile enough to cater to 90% of the most common use cases.

  • Stack: Tailwind CSS, HTML, Next.js, and Vue
  • Ideal for: Eearly-stage software, AI, FinTech, Crypto

4. Cube

Cube template

Cube is another high-class product developed by Cruip, and similar to Neon, it may not have an extensive range of content, but the ones it offers can meet the majority of any startup’s needs. Cube showcases a classic dark layout, making it a perfect fit for any software tool aimed at technical people.

  • Stack: Tailwind CSS, HTML, Next.js, and Vue
  • Ideal for: Design and developer tools, modern app and software

5. Appy

Appy template

The last product from the Cruip marketplace is Appy, which, as the name suggests, is a landing page template designed for mobile-based apps and tools. The versatility and richness of this template (which showcases over 10 pages), make it ideal not only for mobile projects but also for SaaS, traditional startups, and tech alike tools.

  • Stack: Tailwind CSS, HTML, Next.js, and Vue
  • Ideal for: Mobile apps, app builders, SaaS

6. WebOn

Webon template

WebOn is a WordPress landing page template that includes multiple demos, a can serve several niches and markets such as mobile apps, restaurants, eCommerce, agencies and more. The views of this template are not all dark-based, but the ones available are enough for plenty of use cases.

  • Stack: WordPress
  • Ideal for: Web-based applications, agencies, corporate sites

7. Onyx

Onyx template

Onyx is a SaaS landing page template based on Webflow, the popular no-code website builder for designers. This product features a very modern design and a variety of demos that make it a reliable choice for startups that require both style and solidity. With Onyx, startups can create a strong online presence to showcase their SaaS offerings.

  • Stack: Webflow
  • Ideal for: Modern tech tools, web and native apps

8. Finantech X

Finantechx template

Finantech X is a dark landing page template based on Webflow, specifically designed for finance, crypto, and FinTech-based startups. This product includes 20+ pages, 40+ sections, and dozens of components that can be easily edited to meet any specific user’s needs. Last but not least, it comes with several ready-made illustrations, adding a touch of visual appeal to any layout.

  • Stack: Webflow
  • Ideal for: FinTech/financial web and mobile applications

9. Projectile

Projectile template

Projectile is the Swiss Army knife of landing pages for SaaS products, offering a wide selection of pages and sections that outperforms other similar products. The presence of content blocks makes it particularly suitable for dynamic and information-rich websites. However, Projectile is not just about functionality; it also excels in design, style, and content quality.

  • Stack: Webflow
  • Ideal for: Analytics, CRM, and data-driven software

10. StartIt

Sartit template

StartIt, as the name suggests, is a dark-based template designed for makers and early-stage startups who want to quickly showcase their products with a touch of majesty. This template includes a notable number of pages, and its dark layout and beautiful gradients give the product a contemporary and trendy look.

  • Stack: Webflow
  • Ideal for: Neo management systems, web-based tools

11. Nue

Nue template

Nue is a modern dark landing page template built with Framer – A popular AI website builder for creating responsive user interfaces. This template empowers startups to launch their venture with unparalleled character and elevate their online presence with stylish and dynamic animations.

  • Stack: Framer
  • Ideal for: Cyber security software, data-protection apps

12. Lumin

Lumin template

Lumin is a dark landing page template designed to elevate Web3, AI, and FinTech startups to new peaks. It features attractive scrolling animations and glowing cards in each section making the gradients stand out from other simple elements and components.

  • Stack: Framer
  • Ideal for: Financial and stock apps, crypto exchanges

13. Storm

Storm template

Storm is a Framer dark template with a focus on user experience, accessibility, and seamless cross-browser testing. With its dapper and modern aesthetic, this product offers a premium experience that elevates dynamic brands and showcases the value proposition of any app, software, or startup.

  • Stack: Framer
  • Ideal for: Analytics and data-driven apps, financial products

14. Frankie

Frankie template

Frankie is a Framer template ideal for companies offering AI SaaS products. With an intuitive and modern user interface, it allows the quick and easy creation of web pages that effectively attract and engage customers across any browsers and devices such as web, desktop, mobile, and TVs.

  • Stack: Framer
  • Ideal for: Native web and mobile applications, AI and customer support tools

15. Carbon

Carbon template

Carbon is an elegant Framer landing page template that features stunning realistic illustrations, reveal animations, and navigational glows and effects. Carbon will make it a piece of cake to convert visitors into loyal customers and unleash the power of your brand to unlock a world of new opportunities and possibilities.

  • Stack: Framer
  • Ideal for: Modern software development, rich web applications


If you’re about to switch to a dark layout or considering updating your existing white-based landing page to dark skin, we’re confident that this list will offer you plenty of resources to get started. If you’re on the lookout for more SaaS-based templates, you might want to check out our collection of SaaS landing page templates, or if you need some inspiration, take a look at our gallery of the best SaaS landing pages.