20 Affiliate Marketing Landing Page Examples

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20 Affiliate Marketing Landing Page Examples

An affiliate program is a specific form of collaboration that a company (of any type) establishes with its partners (affiliates).

Affiliate programs are so popular because they allow companies to receive traffic from partners who genuinely appreciate their products, and in exchange, these partners are handsomely rewarded for bringing in potential customers. It’s a classic win-win situation.

We at SLP (a gallery of landing page inspiration) and SaaS Interface (a gallery of SaaS UI design) have reviewed hundreds of successful affiliate program landing pages over the years, so we decided to create this list of inspirations to show you how some of the most innovative companies in the SaaS industry (and beyond) structure their affiliate program landing pages to attract potential new partners to their products.

Before showing you the list of inspirations, we’d like to share with you some key elements that, in our opinion, are essential for an effective affiliate program landing page. Here they are:

1. Operation & Rewards: The first thing to include in your affiliate program landing page is the program’s operation (sign-up requirements, cookie policy, etc.) and the reward you offer to your affiliates for every successful transaction. The most common commission for SaaS products is 50% of the subscription value for the first year.

2. Terms & Conditions: The second thing is to list the program’s Terms, paying particular attention to details such as cookie expiration, commission cap, the payout schedule, etc.

3. How to join: The third thing (and perhaps the most important) is to provide a clear call to action on how to join the program. Let people know if it’s open to everyone or if they need to apply because spots are closed.

Now let’s take a look at the inspirations:

1. Ruul

Ruul affiliate landing page

The Ruul affiliate landing page is very simple and consists of three main sections. What we like about this page is that it focuses on the affiliate’s needs, explaining in detail what the product offers and why it is interesting.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Clear and concise message
  • Clean layout that focuses on a few sections
  • How it works section that explains in detail how to join the program and what it offers

2. Surfe

Surf affiliate landing page

With its cheerful and informal look and feel, the Surfe affiliate landing page represents the product very well. What we like about this page is the focus on the company’s mission, which is there to represent the importance of this company for its customers and what it means to become an affiliate of Surfe.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Use of photographs and illustrations that make the page friendly and informal
  • Straightforward step-by-step process to become an affiliate
  • The section showcasing major teams using the product (essential for building trust with the affiliates)

3. Designmodo

Designmodo affiliate landing page

The Designmodo affiliate page gets straight to the point, and as a first thing, it shows above the fold what commissions it pays to its affiliates – making the most important aspect clear from the beginning. Other things we like are the component to simulate potential earnings as an affiliate and the testimonials from successful partners at the bottom of the page.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • The visible affiliate commission in the landing page hero section
  • The component to simulate potential earnings as an affiliate
  • The testimonials from those who have succeeded as affiliates

4. Framer

Framer affiliate landing page

The Framer affiliate landing page couldn’t be anything but beautiful, highlighting both design and clarity of information. Honestly, we appreciate almost everything about this page, with particular attention to the breakdown of sections where all the commissions are carefully detailed, based on different partnership scenarios.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Attention to design and information
  • Careful detailing of different product promotion methods
  • Application form at the bottom of the page to make the process quick and frictionless.

5. Notion

Notion affiliate landing page

Would it surprise you if we told you that Notion has one of the most active communities in the world? After all, how could it be otherwise when this product has always put users at the centre of its value proposition, rewarding and appreciating them for being part of the community. The Notion affiliate page represents this bond between the product and its users well and is structured with the same simplicity that Notion applies to everything it does.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Generous commission fees available for all products
  • FAQ section that answers all the common questions of potential affiliates
  • A detailed estimate of how much you can earn as an affiliate

6. Qonto

Qonto affiliate landing page

The Qonto affiliate landing page is assembled of a few effective sections that guide the user through all the necessary steps to register for the program. On this page, we appreciate the focus on the benefits (such as the opportunity to earn with flexibility) and the possibility of quickly applying via an external form.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Focus on the benefits that the program offers, divided into different sections
  • Presence of a Typeform to quickly apply for the program
  • Well-structured and detailed FAQ section

7. Going

Going affiliate landing page

Going is the number one destination for millions of discount-hungry users seeking exclusive deals, and it’s also the go-to for thousands of affiliates using the program to earn extra income and travel at unbeatable prices. We really love the refined and informal look and feel of this page and the ability to capture all the important information in just a few clicks.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • The image in the hero section immediately communicates what Going does
  • The benefits of the program are structured in a way that resonates with affiliates
  • A “How it works” section consisting of only three steps

8. Landing

Landing affiliate landing page

The Landing affiliate program is designed to connect real estate agents, publishers, and content creators with a community of people who want to experience rental living differently. This affiliate page presents itself as minimalistic and captivating, focusing on a few important pieces of information that are significant to the user.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Detailed step-by-step process of how the program works
  • The quick review process for every application
  • A dedicated program manager for each affiliate

9. Creative Market

Creative Market affiliate landing page

Creative Market (now part of the Dribbble family) is a marketplace where creatives sell digital assets, templates, and graphics-related goods. The affiliate landing page consists of three main sections, and each explains how the program works and how much an average affiliate can make by promoting the platform.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Possibility of earning with both new and returning customers
  • Flexible payment schedule
  • Possibility of earning extra cash by referring other affiliates

10. Fibery

Fibery affiliate landing page

The first thing that stands out on the affiliate landing page of Fabery is the list of the current affiliates showcasing that the product is supported and loved by hundreds of loyal partners. Other things we like about this page are the overall look and feel (displaying beautiful icons and imagery), and the message tone, which is friendly and relaxed.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Every-quarter-based payment schedule
  • Precise suggestions on how to promote the product
  • Comprehensive list of all the existing affiliates

11. Miro

Miro affiliate landing page

The Miro affiliate program offers its affiliates generous commission fees for each new customer who registers for the product, and abundant discount codes credited directly to their affiliate accounts. The page is well-structured, and all the sections are well-designed and arranged.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Reseller discount and referral fee options
  • Unlimited free licenses for clients
  • Co-marketing activities and sponsorship opportunities

12. Revealbot

Revealbot affiliate landing page

The affiliate program page of Revelbot is rich with in-depth information regarding its affiliate policy and provides valuable insights into the potentiality of collaborating directly with them to establish a mutually beneficial partnership. We particularly appreciate the possibility of having a dedicated partnership manager once the onboarding is complete, as the layout presents a vivid, clean interface.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Ready-to-use partner templates, assets, e material for all affiliates
  • Lifetime commissions share for each new customer
  • Co-marketing activities and collaboration

13. Hotjar

Hotjar affiliate landing page

The Hotjar affiliate page is colourful and modern and includes what we consider the most essential information that any affiliate landing page should contain. We particularly appreciate the concise list of benefits (which vary depending on the type of affiliate) and the testimonials section featuring many success stories from their top affiliates.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Every application is reviewed in only two days
  • Up to 25% revenue share (a decent number for SaaS companies)
  • Possibility to try out the latest features before anyone else.

14. Revolut

Revolut affiliate landing

The Revolut affiliate page doesn’t contain many details, but we feel that the ones present are more than sufficient to give the affiliate an idea of why they should sign up. In terms of content, the page features statistics about the company, a registration form, and a rich list of FAQs covering various topics.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Few but extremely effective content for conversion
  • Eye-catching organization of company statistics
  • Quick application form – around two minutes long.

15. Wise

Wise affiliate landing page

Another FinTech-based affiliate landing page that deserved to be included in this list is definitely Wise (formerly TransferWise). Let’s start by saying that we really like the redesign that the company has recently developed, and this page perfectly reflects the new brand identity that the English company has built: Young, dynamic, and inspired by the new generations.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Possibility to get instant access to a tracking link (no application required)
  • Tips and tricks on the best promotion strategies
  • Generous one-year cookie window limit.

16. ScrapingBee

Scrapingbee affiliate landing page

The affiliate landing page of ScrapingBee is far from fancy, but it does a good job of explaining what affiliates can expect if they sign up with the company. We really appreciate that the blog-inspired layout is divided into only three sections and that each paragraph explains with numbers and graphs what anyone would expect by becoming a ScrapingBee partner.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Recurring commissions available for all the plans
  • Ideas and tips to promote the company
  • A great fit is bloggers with an audience in programming/tech.

17. Typeform

Typeform affiliate landing page

We were impressed by the Typeform affiliate landing page. We found the ability to generate a referral link simply by providing an email address to be extremely remarkable. We believe this practice is very smart as it reduces common frictions associated with registration flows, and encourages affiliates to immediately start promoting the product without overthinking it.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • One-click referral link
  • No requirement to be a customer to join the program
  • Possibility to track referrals, clicks, conversions, etc. via an external platform

18. Cartloop

Cartloop affiliate landing page

Cartloop’s affiliate landing page is probably the most conversion-driven on this entire list as it only presents three layout blocks and all the information is reduced as much as possible. Above the fold, the page displays a big registration form and below it, there is space only for a small list of benefits and a video testimonial.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Generous commission fees for referring a friend
  • Tactical above-the-fold section
  • Great conversion rates guarantee

19. Ghost

Ghost affiliate landing page

Anyone is welcome to apply to become a Ghost partner, but due to the high number of submissions, they receive, only a small portion of them are welcomed into the program. We like this policy because it rewards quality over quantity and guarantees that everyone can enjoy a decent piece of the cake.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Straightforward step-by-step process
  • Promotional resources and tools available for all the affiliates
  • Access to the dashboard to track links, conversions, and sales

20. Justuno

Justuno affiliate landing page

Justuno offers exclusive benefits to all agencies participating in its affiliate program via the landing page. The perks dedicated to partners vary depending on the affiliate’s seniority level and include, by default, a free-forever Justuno account, one dashboard to manage multiple accounts, incentives and flexible options for reselling, and much more.

Things you might want to imitate from this page:

  • Commission rates determined by partnership tiers
  • Possibility to introduce add-ons to existing packages
  • Onsite conversion strategy


We hope this list of beautiful landing pages inspires you to create or improve your affiliate marketing pages, and we invite you to take a look at other examples of landing page design inspiration if you are looking for ideas or concepts to enhance other parts of your marketing website.