10 Inspiration Sites Every Landing Page Lover Should Bookmark

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Okay, we get you: You’ve come across this post because you’re about to design (or redesign) your landing page. You’ve browsed the usual sites you consult when looking for landing page inspiration but haven’t found anything new and appealing. Did we guess correctly? If the answer is yes, then this article is what you need!

Since 2020, we at SaaS Landing Page have been working hard to bring you only the best landing page inspiration. Every month, we invest hours and hours showcasing only top-notch content, and we know that besides us, other galleries out there are trying to do the same by displaying the best examples of landing pages.

So, in this article, we will show you the best 10 landing page inspiration galleries that, in our opinion, stand out for the quality of their content and variety of inspiration and designs.

These sites don’t exclusively display examples of SaaS landing pages (like we at SLP do) but cover various topics/industries, offering the widest possible range of inspiration (e.g., eCommerce, agencies, crypto, portfolios, etc.).

As a final note, unlike sites like Dribbble or Behance, the galleries in this list showcase real-world landing page inspiration. They are not the result of a just-for-fun exercise by designers who lack experience in usability and conversions.

Okay, enough with the talk. Let’s get started!

The best 10 sites to find landing page inspiration

1. SaaS Landing Page

slp landing page gallery

We’re biased, but we truly believe that SaaS Landing Page is one of the best places to find landing page inspiration. If you don’t know the website yet, SLP showcases the best examples of SaaS landing pages and other pages related to the SaaS ecosystem. E.g., the best pricing page examples, about us page examples, testimonials page examples, etc. For each example, you can check the fonts, the palette, and the stack used, and even filter the inspiration for a particular font or stack (e.g., the best landing page examples using Inter or the best landing page examples using React). In addition to the inspiration, SaaS Landing Page includes a category of SaaS landing page templates and a list of resources and tools to create landing pages.

SaaS Landing Page was created by the team behind Cruip, a popular marketplace of premium Tailwind CSS templates.


  • Inspiration type: SaaS
  • Content type: landing pages, inner pages, templates, etc.
  • Accepts submissions: Yes!

2. Landbook

landbook landing page gallery

Landbook is probably the most popular generic landing page gallery on the web. The website has been around for many years and features high-quality designs divided by topics and industries, such as technology, art, fashion, music, etc.

In addition to landing pages, and similar to SLP, Landbook offers examples of about us pages, blogs, pricing, and other inner pages.

The gallery is open in free and paid versions, with more content and features available for those who subscribe to a monthly/yearly plan.


  • Inspiration type: SaaS, Software, eCommerce, portfolios, and many more.
  • Content type: landing pages, inner pages, and templates.
  • Accepts submissions: Yes!

3. One Page Love

opl landing page gallery

One Page Love (OPL) is a website design gallery showcasing the best one-page landing pages, templates and resources. Created by the talented Rob Hope (who personally curates all of the content), this gallery represents the most popular destination for those seeking examples of the best one-page websites and landing pages.

OPL has been around for over 15 years and has consistently provided high-quality content that has influenced generations of web designers.

Along with the inspiration, OPL is a great resource for finding high-quality coded and no-code templates, learning about landing pages, and listening to highly-curated podcast episodes.


  • Inspiration type: Tech, apps, portfolios, info products, and many more.
  • Content type: landing pages, templates, resources, and podcasts.
  • Accepts submissions: Yes!

4. Lapa

lapa landing page gallery

Lapa has been around for years as one of the best destinations for high-quality landing page inspiration. This website is probably the richest in terms of examples displayed (over 5,000 at the time we write this article), and regardless of the quantity, every landing page featured on the gallery is carefully curated and takes an original approach to design.

In addition to inspiration, Lapa offers its users a wealth of resources for learning web design, finding and reading free books, getting free design resources, or finding high-quality templates for platforms like Webflow, Framer and more.

Last but not least, the website includes a blog where you can find free resources for creating marketing websites and landing pages.


  • Inspiration type: Tech, apps, crypto, fashion, corporate, and many more.
  • Content type: landing pages, freebies, books, and templates.
  • Accepts submissions: Yes!

5. MaxiBestOf

maxibestof landing page gallery

MaxiBestOf is an inspiration gallery that showcases landing pages from various industries and sectors, such as clothing, portfolios, corporate pages, etc.

The gallery is updated regularly and well-curated, making it easy to navigate with the option to go directly to live versions of the sites by clicking on the arrow in the top right corner of each thumbnail.

Like SLP, MaxiBestOf offers information such as fonts, stacks and colours used for each example as well as dedicated pages for navigating inspiration via tags.


  • Inspiration type: Corporate, startup, agency, SaaS, and many more.
  • Content type: landing pages.
  • Accepts submissions: Yes!

6. Godly

godly landing page gallery

Despite Godly being among the youngest landing page galleries on this list, the quantity and quality of content are at the same level as the sites we previously reviewed, and it has just as much authority because the gallery is very popular.

Unlike all the other galleries in this list, Godly shows the inspiration dynamically, and users can preview the content simply by looking at the thumbnail.

In addition to its inspiration directory, this gallery includes a jobs board (which shows only design job offers) and an online shop where you can buy Framer, Figma, and Notion templates.


  • Inspiration type: Tech, startup, SaaS, and software.
  • Content type: landing pages, templates, and jobs.
  • Accepts submissions: Yes!

7. Curated

curated landing page gallery

Curated is a gallery of landing page inspiration created by Craftwork, a talented design team who runs an online marketplace of high-quality assets and illustrations.

Although the gallery is quite new (I believe it was launched last year), Curated offers a wide selection of landing page inspiration, which are grouped by topic and industry as we’ve seen in other similar platforms.

Unlike the other examples we’ve reviewed, this one is very minimal in content. There are no other sections besides the showcase of landing pages.


  • Inspiration type: Tech, software, apps, and tech tools.
  • Content type: landing pages.
  • Accepts submissions: Yes!

8. Landingfolio

landingfolio landing page gallery

Landingfolio is a gallery of inspiration, templates and resources to create landing pages. The site was launched several years ago and features a large number of content categorised by category.

Although this gallery is not as up-to-date as the others in this list, the inspiration is diverse and of good quality, especially considering all the topics covered by the site.

Landingfolio is more than a site of inspiration. It also includes a components library (based on Tailwind CSS, Webflow, and Figma), a template collection, and tools and resources for creating landing pages.


  • Inspiration type: SaaS, tech, apps, info products, and many more.
  • Content type: landing pages, templates, and components.
  • Accepts submissions: Yes!

9. Awwwards

awwwards landing page gallery

Awwwards is probably the most famous design contest site in the world where top designers compete with each other to gain votes, visibility, and appreciation from the community.

You may wonder what a design contest website has to do with landing pages. Well, the submissions on Awwwards include only websites and landing pages–making it the perfect place to find top-notch landing page inspiration.

As a last note, Awwwards includes work from every design style, so the variety of inspiration is unparalleled compared to any other gallery in this list.

  • Inspiration type: Corporate, portfolio, agency, tech, fashion, and many more.
  • Content type: landing pages, websites, courses, and webinars.
  • Accepts submissions: Yes!

10. Minimal Gallery

minimal gallery landing page gallery

Minimal Gallery is a gallery of minimalistic landing pages that has been active since 2013 (10 years ago).

This site presents a dark layout that is very relaxing to the eye, and the examples of landing pages shown span many types of industries and are all of high quality.

In addition to showcasing landing pages, Minimal Gallery has a job offers section (which features design-based job requests) and recently launched a new area of the website where they display brandable domain names available for free (which we think is a cool idea).

  • Inspiration type: fashion, architecture, tech, software, and many more.
  • Content type: landing pages, domains, and jobs.
  • Accepts submissions: Yes!


We’re pretty confident that the above list will provide you with plenty of ideas for creating or improving your landing page. Creating something new isn’t always easy, but if we draw inspiration from the right places we can simplify our work and make the creative process stimulating and exciting.