12 Best Communities for SaaS Founders [2023 edition]

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12 Best Communities for SaaS Founders

Starting a new SaaS business is an exciting endeavour, but it is not without its challenges. It is stimulating, but it can be very tricky and potentially treacherous at the same time. It does not matter if you are a motivated first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, joining a SaaS community will benefit you regardless.

In this decade, the SaaS startup landscape is continuously evolving, requiring everyone in this business to keep up diligently. The right networking option can be a golden opportunity for you and your business. There are hundreds of communities that can cater to your every question and problem. In this article, we are about to discuss some of the best communities out there for SaaS founders that can provide the right information to help your startup reach its full potential. These communities have a wide variety of offerings, ranging from mentorship, knowledge exchange, inspiration, and so much more.

If you think you need these offerings to help you make the right decisions regarding what is best for your startup, keep reading to find out what our curated selection list offers.

What is a community for SaaS founders?

A SaaS founders’ community is an ecosystem of individuals who are passionate about everything startup. This network of individuals is established with the primary motive of giving support, knowledge, advice, and belonging to other founders as they try to construct their businesses.

What are the key benefits of joining a community for SaaS founders?

The decision to join a community of like-minded peers carries significance for startup founders, due to many reasons:

  1. Advice: SaaS communities often include seasoned entrepreneurs who can offer invaluable advice to newcomers. This is because they give practical solutions to problems that new entrepreneurs face. They have years of experience and remarkable journeys that can help accelerate your startup.
  2. Re-enforcing Commitment: By becoming a member of such a community, you can feel a sense of accountability. As you look at your peers and their achievements, it can help you stay true to your goals as well.
  3. Networking: When founders join such a community, they get access to a vast community. This community is filled with individuals who have new ideas, innovative solutions, and different perceptions. This network allows you to absorb this treasure trove of knowledge and experiences and implement the best strategies for your business. These communities also allow you a chance to foster partnerships for the future. 
  4. Knowledge Sharing: Everyone has their own set of experiences, and different people have different ways of tackling challenges. By looking at other community members, you can finally get the answer that you need for a problem that you might have been facing. A community like this can give you invaluable insights and help you exchange best practices.
  5. Emotional Support: It is emotionally taxing to build a startup, setbacks, and challenges can often demotivate even the most positive individual. A sound support system that offers encouragement, experience, and motivation will allow you to navigate this maze of building a startup.

1. MicroConf Connect

microconf connect


MicroConf started almost 10 years ago as the premier conference for self+ independently funded SaaS founders and has grown into a worldwide community with over 5,000 members.

This community organizes in-person events and also has 100 + Slack channels with thousands of active SaaS founders. Some examples of the channels include feedback channels, celebrating big or small win channels, design channels, growth channels and so much more.

  • Best for: SaaS founders
  • Number of members: 5K+
  • Cost: Free (with invite)

2. Micro SaaS HQ

micro saas hq

Micro SaaS HQ is a community that provides ideas for building successful SaaS businesses and also comes with a private forum with 500+ SaaS founders. This community offers pro-reports that allow users to gain full research and analysis on different SaaS niches of choice. 

  • Best for: SaaS founders
  • Number of members: 27K+
  • Cost: Paid ($150/year)

3. Software As a Service Companies

software as a service companies

Software As a Service Companies is a subreddit where inspiring and successful SaaS founders come together and share experiences, challenges, ideas, etc. Users can post queries that other users can answer, allowing for multi-perspective knowledge sharing.

  • Best for: SaaS founders
  • Number of members: 60K+
  • Cost: Free

4. SaaS Growth Hacks

saas growth hacks

SaaS Growth Hacks is a dynamic private Facebook community that’s dedicated to supporting founders, CEOs, and professionals who are passionate about starting, scaling, and running their SaaS businesses. You can join this community using just your Facebook account, post queries, watch other success stories, and gain information on new trends.

  • Best for: SaaS founders
  • Number of members: 30K+
  • Cost: Free

5. Indie Hackers

indie hackers

Indie Hackers is a web community where veteran entrepreneurs and inspiring startups meet each other and share experiences about starting profitable online businesses. This community comes with a forum and organize events, meetups, podcasts, etc. 

The website has a unique layout that allows users to access different articles at the click of a button. You can also engage on the site by liking and commenting on the blog. You can also book bookmark the articles for future reference. 

  • Best for: SaaS founders and startup CEO
  • Number of members: 100K+
  • Cost: Free (with invite)

6. WIP


WIP is one of the largest communities for founders and Indie Hackers, providing a space where anyone can share their progress, discuss entrepreneurship, ask questions, and receive/provide mentorship.

It also has some unique features such as the milestone section which acts as a space to celebrate the achievements of the community members. Similarly, it also has a section for deals that members of the community can make use of. 

  • Best for: SaaS founders and Indie Hackers
  • Number of members: Close to 1K
  • Cost: Paid with invite

7. Product Hunt

product hunt

Product Hunt is the place to discover new startups and tech products, and also a community where thousands of entrepreneurs hang out and support each other. This community stands out because its members can easily browse through products based on the category they belong to or the topic they are relevant to. 

Alongside this, Product Hunt has an entire ‘Community’ section where members can engage with one another. They can also utilize the discount deals available for a large range of products. 

  • Best for: SaaS founders, Indie Hackers, and Startup CEO
  • Number of members: 100K+
  • Cost: Free

8. No Code Founders

no code founders

As the name suggests, No Code Founders is a community where entrepreneurs without technical skills learn how to launch profitable internet businesses. The community provides interviews, tutorials, discounts, and a Slack space.

No Code can be used by freelancers, agencies, and founders to boost their businesses in the most efficient manner. 

  • Best for: No-code SaaS founders and Indie Hackers
  • Number of members: 18K+
  • Cost: Free

9. StartupSauce

startup sauce

StartupSauce is a private community for SaaS founders that provides a Slack group, Zoom calls, consultations, mastermind classes, events, and workshops. This community is a great place for individuals who want to learn and grow. 

StartupSauce welcomes its members with a free consultation. Later on, you can avail the workshops and events that are held every month. 

  • Best for: SaaS founders
  • Number of members: Not disclosed
  • Cost: Paid ($399/year)

10. SaaS Friends

saas friends

SaaS Friends is a private, exclusive forum where successful SaaS founders share their knowledge and help each other grow their online businesses. The community occasionally organizes in-person events and meetups.

Currently, there are over 300 successful founders in this community, and being a member can help you grow exponentially. 

  • Best for: SaaS founders
  • Number of members: 300+
  • Cost: Free (with invite)

11. SaaS University

saas university

SaaS University is a Discord group that provides a space for anyone to discuss and share their knowledge. The group includes several channels, and discussions are organized into categories. Join this community on Discord and make the most of the knowledge being shared. 

  • Best for: SaaS founders
  • Number of members: 16K+
  • Cost: Free

12. Makerlog


Similar to WIP, Makerlog is a community where founders and makers can share their progress, discuss entrepreneurship, and receive/provide support. Being a part of this community can help you grow by the day. You can log in your daily tasks and receive feedback on your performance. 

  • Best for: SaaS founders and Indie Hackers
  • Number of members: 7K
  • Cost: Free


We hope that by browsing through this list of the best 12 communities for SaaS founders, you will find one or more spaces to hang out with your peers and make valuable connections for your life and career.

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