The Best Platforms to Find Top-Notch Startup Mentors

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The Best Platforms to Find Top-Notch Startup Mentors

From finding your ideal customers to managing your company’s financial and budgetary aspects, there’s no denying that running a startup business is difficult. Startups require intense work and extreme dedication, and often, it can feel like you’re going through the startup experience alone without the guidance you need to succeed.

Ending this isolating feeling is possible with a startup mentor. Startup mentorship is incredibly beneficial to company founders for several reasons, including:

  • Access to essential guidance and expertise
  • Untapped networking opportunities
  • Ability to avoid common startup pitfalls
  • Access to resources necessary to maintain a startup
  • Insightful and strategic planning strategies
  • Enhanced validation and credibility for your business
  • Accelerated learning curve

However, while a startup mentor is a crucial asset to running a successful startup business, not all mentors are alike. Some mentors will be better tailored to your company’s needs than others, and any skilled mentor needs the following qualities:

  • Experience
  • Effective communication
  • Patience
  • Flexibility
  • Honesty
  • Strategic thinking
  • Active listening
  • Dedication to growth

So, with all that in mind, how can you find a startup mentor that’s right for you? Knowing where to receive startup mentorship is the first step in building a startup that grows into something greater. Read more to discover the best websites to find mentor for startup operations and start growing your business!

1. GrowthMentor

growthmentor mentorship platform

An excellent place to find a startup mentor is GrowthMentor, a platform where you can find mentors with skills ranging from growth marketing to sales, copywriting, and more. GrowthMentor is built by a solo marketer with experience in the marketing struggles that startups often face, and the startup mentors on this website can help you with every step of the startup process.

How it Works

GrowthMentor connects startup founders and marketers with expert mentors experienced in helping startups thrive. Users can sign up for GrowthMentor and browse mentors based on different factors, like their specific skills, familiarity with different software, availability, and more.

Users can see reviews for all mentors from past clients and request a call with mentors to test compatibility and start succeeding as a startup. Users pay a certain amount depending on their membership level and whether they’re operating individually or as a team.


One of GrowthMentor’s main features is its variety. The platform provides mentors with a massive range of skills, experiences, and ample flexibility to help your startup grow. GrowthMentor connects you with mentors who are skilled in exactly what you need.


GrowthMentor’s price varies depending on whether you are an individual or a team. For individual prices, you can pay for a $40/month Light membership or an $80/month Pro membership with unlimited calls. For teams, pricing starts at $200 per month for three members.

2. Clarity

clarity mentorship platform

Another fantastic option to find mentor for startup operations is Clarity, a website boasting its ability to connect startup founders with world-class mentors and industry experts. Clarity provides mentorship for business operations like funding, marketing, technology, product design, and more.

How it Works

Clarity works by providing startup founders with industry-specific training from mentors with vast skill sets. Founders can browse different mentors and select options based on their skills and experience. Mentors have reviews from past clients to give founders a better idea of whether the startup mentor is a good fit. Founders can schedule a call with mentors suitable for the startup’s unique needs.


Clarity provides a user-friendly interface where founders can quickly connect with potential mentors with years of experience. The website is also free to join, with pricing determined by individual mentors.


Clarity doesn’t have a traditional membership model – instead, mentors set prices, and founders are charged a specific rate per minute. Depending on your startup mentor and the extent of the call, you can save significantly with Clarity.

3. MentorCruise

mentorcruise mentorship platform

MentorCruise takes you on a mentorship journey by providing 1-on-1 mentorship sessions covering various topics. The platform provides startup founders with dedicated career coaches experienced in different industries to help with several processes, from answering basic questions to providing feedback about new ideas.

How it Works

Founders can explore a massive catalog of mentors available on MentorCruise, searching for mentors based on skills, services, and pricing. Mentors have reviews so users can assess whether they’d be a suitable fit for the company.

After exploring the mentors on MentorCruise, startup founders can apply for mentorship. If accepted by the mentor, users get a 7-day free trial to determine whether the startup mentor is right for their business.


MentorCruise provides a 7-day free trial for each startup mentor a founder considers for their business. One of MentorCruise’s main features is that membership is always cancelable to provide a safe platform where founders can grow. The mentors on MentorCruise are also fully vetted, guaranteeing high-quality mentorship for founders.


There’s not a set membership structure for MentorCruise – rather, mentors set a monthly rate that founders pay following the 7-day free trial. Prices vary significantly based on the startup mentor, with monthly fees starting at prices as low as $19 and going well into the hundreds for some mentors.

4. ADPList

adplist mentorship platform

ADPList connects mentors and startup founders based on specific industries, languages, roles, and more to determine the best fit for a company. Mentors offer 1-on-1 sessions and group sessions to encourage networking opportunities. The platform also provides numerous courses that startup founders can take to build skills, learn about the industry, and receive expert knowledge on building a business.

How it Works

Founders can visit ADPList to find a suitable startup mentor to meet the growing needs of their business. Users have free access to start a membership with ADPList – from there, they can search the mentor database to discover mentors with unique skill sets and expertise in different industries. The platform gives access to over 21,000 mentors in a global community dedicated to startup growth.


The most notable advantage of ADPList is that the platform is completely free. Mentors operate as volunteers to guide startups without requiring a significant investment on the company’s behalf. ADPList also lets users list themselves as talent and be vouched for by mentors to attract new opportunities.


ADPList is completely free, and all mentors are volunteers dedicated to helping people grow their skills to succeed.

5. Mentorcam

mentorcam mentorship platform

Founders seeking mentors with years of experience and proven success as startup founders can turn to Mentorcam for their mentoring needs. Mentorcam connects users with mentors who have been in their positions before, including some of the most notable leaders of the world’s top startups and brands.

Experts come from brands like Y Combinator, AngelList, Kleiner Perkins, and more, making Mentorcam one of the best mentorship platforms to connect with world-class experts to scale a startup.

How it Works

Founders can go on Mentorcam and browse mentors based on unique expertise and specific industries. Mentor profiles provide information on the startups each mentor has worked with in the past and each mentor’s accomplishments within their industry.

By creating a free account, members can view mentors’ availability schedules and speak with them further by booking a 1-on-1 call to access all the advice they need.


Mentorcam allows mentees to message their mentors through a secure, centralized platform where files can be shared to streamline communication. Users can work with individual mentors or seek advice from multiple providers to build a secure network of trusted allies.


Mentorcam is priced based on individual mentors. Each mentor sets a specific price per session. Users who sign up for the Mentorcam newsletter can get $50 off their first Mentorcam session.

6. MicroMentor

micromentor mentorship platform

MicroMentor is a platform where entrepreneurs and skilled experts connect to build businesses from the ground up. The website boasts a global community of members and an ability to bridge geographical and cultural barriers to promote success. Mentors are experienced volunteers dedicated to helping small businesses evolve and expand.

How it Works

First, users sign up to the MicroMentor platform and fill out the information about themselves, their businesses, and what areas they need help with. Following this, users can search MicroMentor’s expansive list of mentor profiles based on their experiences.

Founders can reach out and introduce themselves after finding mentors that fit the company’s needs. Mentors will respond based on their availability and the mentee’s business needs. If the mentor thinks it’s a good fit, they’ll start working with the mentee and create a contact schedule.


MicroMentor makes recommendations about mentors that could be a good fit for specific businesses to seamlessly connect entrepreneurs with mentors. It’s an ideal option for entrepreneurs who need expert guidance but aren’t sure where to begin.


MicroMentor is free, and all mentors volunteer to help businesses grow.

7. MentorPass

mentorpass mentorship platform

MentorPass is another excellent resource for entrepreneurs to connect with experienced mentors in their industry. The platform allows founders to align their skills with the skills of their startup mentor for a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship. MentorPass has three core principles – wealthy, healthy, and happy – to help growth-minded individuals build their company.

How it Works

MentorPass allows users to build a team of mentors, all with unique experiences, to help startup founders expand their businesses. Members can sign up for the MentorPass platform to unlock hundreds of options for mentorship and search for experts based on their skills and experience. Users can also search based on different subjects, like product development, internal operations, and product ideation, to meet specific growth needs.


A notable feature of MentorPass is the mentoring journeys option. With these experiences, users can participate in a course based on specific topics, ranging from marketing on social media platforms to increasing sales on Amazon.


Because of the caliber of mentors on MentorPass, the price for this service is generally higher than other options. The service provides a Lite membership for $300/month. The Standard membership costs $600/month and includes double the credits as the Lite membership. MentorPass’s most expansive membership is its Premium membership, which costs $1,200 per month and includes 120 credits with access to VIP mentors.

8. SCORE (US only)

score mentorship platform

The final option to find mentor for startup operations, SCORE is a platform that focuses on small business success and helps entrepreneurs find mentors without hefty costs. SCORE provides services like free mentoring, webinars, on-demand courses, workshops, and online resources to equip small businesses with everything they need to succeed.

How it Works

SCORE matches mentees with mentors based on their zip code. Users can go on the website and enter their zip codes to find mentors from local SCORE chapters. After entering the zip code, users complete a mentoring request form, filling out extensive information about their small business. From here, the platform pairs mentees with experts that match their business needs.


SCORE takes a tailored approach to mentorship by assessing specific information a business provides to understand a company’s questions and hand-select mentors that meet the company’s needs. The platform also connects entrepreneurs with local experts for general questions to help businesses meet all their needs, big or small.


SCORE is completely free. All mentors are volunteers committed to helping small businesses achieve their goals.

Find a Top-Notch Startup Mentor Today

In an increasingly competitive startup landscape, it can be crucial to find a reliable mentor to help you with your business needs. Sadly, it isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds, as the range of options is vast, and the probability of picking the wrong one is always around the corner. So, to help you with any remaining questions, let’s try to clarify some important leftover aspects:

How much should I expect to pay for a good startup mentor?

According to our research, you should expect to pay at least $100 per hour for a professional startup mentor, with rates that can reach $3,000 per hour for the most experienced ones. In addition to the mentor rates, you also have to consider platform fees, which are typically calculated on a monthly/yearly basis.

Is there any difference between a startup mentor, coach, and advisor?

There are no differences between a startup mentor and a coach, as both help startups by sharing their knowledge and experience about starting and running a successful tech business. An advisor, instead, typically acts as an external counselor, assisting with the day-to-day operations.

What should I expect from my mentor in terms of results?

The results very much depend on the goal you set with your mentor, so it’s crucial to establish what to expect from each other before the partnership starts. Only then will you be able to evaluate the quality of your mentor based on specific outcomes.

Try different mentors until you find the right one

With the appropriate approach and the best platforms, you can discover a startup mentor that meets your needs perfectly. If you require more guidance during your entrepreneurial journey, SaaS Landing Page has the information you need to take your startup or SaaS to the next level. From finding landing page inspiration to discovering the best web app examples. Or, from comparing the best SaaS landing page builders in 2024 to creating the perfect name for your project using the best startup domain generators.