Domain Generators: 8 Free Tools to Find the Perfect Name For Your Startup

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Domain Generators: 8 Free Tools to Find the Perfect Name For Your Startup

Finding a brandable domain name for a new project is getting harder and harder. The task is becoming increasingly challenging as the most desirable names have already been taken by other companies, and the remaining ones have been pre-registered by squatters who intend to resell them at a higher price (sometimes 100 times the registration cost).

Unless you are willing to invest thousands of dollars in a premium name or devote hundreds of hours to researching a good one still available (good luck to you), your sole opportunity to acquire a quality TLD lies in name generators. These tools, thanks to complex algorithms and, recently, AI, are capable of generating thousands of available domain names for us, accelerating the process of spotting a quality domain name.

But, before we dive into the details of what domain name generators are and how they work, let’s take a step back and try to define the most important aspects of doing an affective domain research.

What makes for a great startup domain name?

There are several factors that make up a good domain name, but the most important one is definitely its recognizability. Your domain name must be brandable and easy to remember, unique and different from the others, and most importantly, it has to be easy to pronounce. This final point holds particular importance if your SaaS or startup caters to a global market, as your name must be pronounced by individuals of diverse ethnicities and cultures.

In regards to the typologies of domain names, they can be divided into 3 categories:

  1. Brandable: E.g., Google, Twitter, Shopify, etc.
  2. Real words: E.g., Privacy (dot-com), Notion (dot-so), Name (dot-com), etc.
  3. Combination of words: E.g., WordPress, AngelList, etc.

Since real word domains are almost impossible to register, we need to narrow down our options to brandable names or combination of words.

If you cannot resist using a real world domain for your project, you may want to consider using a less popular TLD (e.g.,.co,.io, etc. ), or adding an article/verb before the name (try, use, etc.). You can also lease a premium domain, but we don’t recommend this approach because it’s expensive, and comes with an ongoing monthly/yearly cost.

What are the most popular domain extensions for a startup?

The most popular TLD is undoubtedly ‘.com’. We strongly recommend choosing a ‘.com’ domain wherever possible. If you cannot find the one you like in “.com”, you can also consider less popular TLDs such as ‘.co’, ‘.io’, ‘.tech’, or ‘.ai’ (the latter exclusively for AI-based startups).

How can I find a great domain name for my startup?

As we previously discussed, if you’re on a budget and with no time to invest in searching for an available name, domain name generators are a great way to find a high-quality domain for your SaaS or startup.

The way a domain generator works is simple: You provide it with a pertinent keyword for your project, and it generates a multitude of relevant available names for your startup in the most popular extensions, ready for registration.

If you don’t know where to find a good domain name generator, don’t worry! We’ve already researched and tested the best ones for you, and in this list, we’ll show you the top 8 based on their strengths and functionalities.

The best part? They are all free to use!

Best Domain Name Generators For Startups & SaaS



Dematron is a domain name generator based on ChatGPT that lets you browse through thousands of quality ‘.com’ names tailored to your industry. You can find a new domain on Dematron by browsing the by industry lists (here is a list example for Yoga center owners) or by installing the ChatGPT Plugin.


  • Search for a new domain by browsing industry-specific lists (e.g., tech startup, SaaS, AI tool, etc.
  • Use the ChatGPT Plugin to get domain suggestions based on your niche or check if a domain is available.
  • Register your domain through your favorite providers, such as Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc.

Ideal for:

Brandable, short domain names, and a combination of word names.

Domain Generator

domain generator

Domain Generator is a free tool offered by Instant Domains, a popular domain provider that offers utility services for helping startups get their products off the ground.

The way this tool works is pretty simple: You type your favorite keyword in the search bar, and the algorithm generates hundreds of available domain combinations that include your keyword. The results are all available in the most popular ‘.com’ extension, and there is also the option to browse pre-registered domains available for sale.


  • Quickly create hundreds of available domain combinations by starting with a keyword.
  • Browse by name suggestions, keyword synonyms, and after-market sale opportunities.
  • Check and verify the pronounce, price history, and appraise of any domains.

Ideal for:

Combination of word names.



Nameboy is one of the most popular domain name generators on the market, offering domain research across multiple industries and niches. To receive name suggestions, simply select your industry from the top menu, and then type in one or two keywords that better represent your brand. After you have initiated the research, Nameboy will provide you with a list of available domains divided by extension or generator.


  • Find available domains in over 20 different industries and niches.
  • Type in your specific keywords into the search bar to get dozen of available domain suggestions.
  • Easily register your new domain name with Bluehost or

Ideal for:

Short names and combination of words.


name station

NameStation is AI-powered contextual domain search tool that provides users with two distinct ways to find the perfect domain name. Once you have registered for the app, the product offers you the opportunity to run a community contest or to generate name suggestions starting with your industry and keyword. After you send in your details, the product shows you a list of two-word domains that you can register right away.


  • Let the community help you find the perfect domain by running a community contest
  • Use words, prefixes, and suffixes to generate hundreds of name combinations
  • Upgrade to a premium plan to unlock powerful features like the contest name

Ideal for:

Combination of words.



Brandroot is a domain name generated powered by AI. To conduct a domain research, think of some unique keywords that relate to your business, then enter one into the search. Once you click submit, the AI generator will give you thousands of original name ideas that you can filter and save, along with cute logo ideas that you can use as inspiration for your brand’s look and feel.


  • Enter a keyword to generate incredible, catchy business name ideas instantly
  • Use the filters to choose the domain length, type, and position.
  • Copy and paste the suggestion into your preferred hosting service to register the domain.

Ideal for:

Brandable, short domain names, and a combination of word names.


lean domain search

As the name suggests, LeanDomainSearch, is a simple but powerful domain search engine that helps users generate name ideas starting with a keyword. To run the tool, all you have to do is type your keyword in the search box and then filter the results by popularity or search term. The product showcases available domains in ‘.com’ and ‘.blog’.


  • Enter a keyword to generate brandable and two-word domain ideas.
  • Filter the available names by popularity, length, alphabetical, or search term.
  • Simply buy your new domain name using WordPress or any other registrant.

Ideal for:

Brandable and a combination of word names.


business name maker

BusinessNameMaker lets users generate domain name concepts by selecting a specific industry and sorting the results by character count, word count, and key phrase position. There is no way to narrow down the search results to only ‘.com’, and the list of domains it generates is not always intuitive or easy to understand.


  • Use the AI generator to conduct broad name research, starting with a keyword.
  • Use filters and name options to sort the results by industry, character count, etc.
  • Check the availability of a particular name in many popular TLDs, such as ‘.net’, ‘.org’, etc.

Ideal for:

Combination of word names.



Namestall is a popular domain generator that offers tools and resources to make the process of finding domains easier. Unlike the preceding tools in this list, Namestall offers advanced functionalities for creating your ideal domain name. For example, you can determine the positioning of your keyword, the industries to cover, or the word groups for which you wish to generate name suggestions.


  • Find available domain names for word groups, position, and industry.
  • Quickly create multiple name combinations available in ‘.com’.
  • Access unlimited and advanced search functions by upgrading to a premium plan (starting at $10/month).

Ideal for:

Combination of word names.

Start Your Domain Research Today

We’ve reached the end of this article, and we’re confident that our research has given you all the tools you need to find and register a memorable domain name for your SaaS or startup. To conclude, let’s try to address some important final questions:

Which is the best domain name generator?

Dematron is the best solution for browsing industry-specific names when searching for a short, brandable name without a specific keyword in mind. Domain Generator by Instant Domains is excellent for quickly creating two-world domains, and NameStation is superior for creating name combinations using complex filters.

Should I choose the startup name before purchasing the domain?

We suggest going for a specific name only when you’re 100% certain that your favourite TLD is available. The experience of picking a name only to find out that the domain is no longer for sale is very frustrating and a waste of time.

What are the best registrants for purchasing a new domain name?

There is no much difference between the most popular providers, but if you want to save some money (at least for the first year), we recommend checking out Namecheap, which is very popular among makers and startups.

What are the best marketplaces to buy pre-registered domain names?

If you’ve tried the generator route without luck and want to get a pre-registered domain name without breaking the bank, there are some domain marketplaces you might find useful.

For example, BrandBucket lists awesome brandable names that include a logo, with pricing starting at $1.000. Too expensive? You can try Zipla, which offers quality ‘.com’ domains for less than $1.000.

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